Geometry Art – Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons

Geometry Art - Lines, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons

Useful for the 4th-6th
This is a great tool for 4th- and 5th grade students.

Includes PDF and 17 pages

You don’t have the time to do arts. It’s a fantastic way to learn geometry and make cool art.

This package includes 8 Geometry Arts Activities (4 steps-by-step, 4 make-yourself)

Lines and Angles (Parallel. Perpendicular. Intersecting. Straight Angle. Right Angle. Acute Angle. Obtuse Angle.

Triangles (Acute Equilateral. Acute Isosceles. Acute Scalene. Obtuse Isosceles. Obtuse Scalene. Right Isosceles. Right Scalene.

-Quadrilaterals: Irregular. Rhombus. Trapezium. Isosceles Trapezium. Kite. Parallelogram. Rectangle. Square.

-Polygons (Triangle and Quadrilateral, Pentagon. Hexagon. Octagon. Decagon. Dodecagon.

*Includes Answer Key for Step by Step and Rubric Guides for Create your own.

Everybody has the choice to either color it in a color palette or leave it as is.

*NOTE* This is different than the FREE line art activity on my site. Check out my line art page to see another type of art.


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