Geometry Construction Art

Geometry Construction Art

Can be used for 7th – 10th
Mostly used with 9th and 10th students.

Includes: PDF, 3 pages


These designs are made using a series of constructions with a compass and straightedge. Three different designs are included in this artistic project. Each design has a difficulty level that increases.

At least one or two of the basic constructions should be familiar to students, such as how you divide a line segment.

Follow the instructions. To create an original design, students decide which marks to keep and which ones they want to erase. You can also color and display the designs.

In addition to basic circles and arcs, the following constructions are included (with guidance):
* perpendicular bisector
* midpoint
* equilateral triangle
* copying a distance
* regular pentagon

The following materials are needed:
– blank paper
– pencil and eraser
– compass
– straightedge
– coloring utensils (optional)

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It was an excellent activity for my students. This was after we had learned how to use our compass and straightedge. It was incredible to see the creativity of students and to show them that math can still be fun! My class was able to recognize the different patterns easily.

This resource was used to end the year for two purposes: 1) to have some fun with math, and 2) to help students learn geometry.


Draw (freehand, with ruler and protractor, and with technology) geometric shapes with given conditions. Focus on creating triangles with three sides or angles. Pay attention to whether the circumstances dictate a unique or multiple triangle.


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