Georges Seurat & Pointillism Art SMART Lesson Plan: Art Activity & Art History!

Georges Seurat & Pointillism Art SMART Lesson Plan: Art Activity & Art History!

Can be used for 1st – 5th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 18 pages

Featuring the artist Georges Seurat and the technique of pointillism! This download includes background information on the artist and the art technique of pointillism. Student practice sheets are included to review the information presented. Then, students will design and create an EASY to teach hands on art activity/project. Using Q-tips and tempera paint, students can create their own pointillism masterpiece. All activities are organized with the simple to use EDCRO process. Explore the artist and technique, Design your art, Create your art, Refine your art and Own it by sharing it with others and reflecting on your process. This is the first in an upcoming series of ‘Get and Go’ ready to use art lessons for any elementary teacher. If you enjoy this lesson be sure to check out Art SMART Picasso and Cubism as well!


1 Art SMART lesson plan with directions for Q-tip pointillism paintings

2 Georges Seurat Biography Info for teacher or to hand out to students

3 Georges Seurat Biography ‘Show What You Know’ worksheet for students

4 Georges Seurat worksheet key

5 Pointillism background information for teacher or to hand out to students

6 Pointillism ‘Show What You Know’ worksheet for students

7 Pointillism worksheet key

8 Simplified Biography for younger students

9 Matching activity worksheet for younger students

10 Simplified Biography on lined paper

11 Simplified ‘fill in the blank’ activity for younger students

12 Lined paper for younger students to copy simplified biography or write their own

13 Word Search (Hard) for Intermediate students

14 Word Search key

15 Word Search (Easy) for primary students

16 Word Search key

17 Pointillism pixel activity sheet

18/19 Design pages

20 Reflection page

21 Resource and Integration Idea page

Basically Everything you need to create a fun work of art and to become ART SMART about Seurat & Pointillism!!!

If you would like to see photographs of student work visit my


This was great! Very easy to follow and helpful in introducing pointillism. Thanks!

Great resource, easy to prepare, students love it! Thank you for creating this, a great time saver!


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