Glue Dancing Cue Cards – Elementary Movement Activity

Glue Dancing Cue Cards - Elementary Movement Activity

Useful for PreK – 5th
This is a great tool for 1st and Kindergarten students.

Includes PDF and 18 pages

*Get your students dancing, moving, and shaking with these Glue Dancing Cue Cards!

*If your students love Freeze Dance activities, they will LOVE Glue Dancing!

*Turn on your favorite tunes or a song you are studying and get to work!

*Great for students who are hesitant about dancing!

*18 cue cards included!

*Cards may be printed or displayed on a screen.

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It was a great way to have fun with students when they needed a break from the art class. This will be a great resource that I’ll use for many years. This is a wonderful resource.

This is a great resource. It was discovered through the TPT Music Crew Conference and I downloaded it instantly. The kids loved it and I was so happy to share with them. It is a great resource that I will use in the future.


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