Goal Setting Sheets For Students – Arts Ed Assessment and Reflection

Goal Setting Sheets For Students - Arts Ed Assessment and Reflection

This can be used to teach 1st through 3rd grades, or for Homeschool students.

Includes PDF and 121 pages

Your students can learn goal setting. This pack includes Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. Art Education: No PREP PrintablesYour class will benefit from the ability to set goals. Through the goals that we establish, and by achieving them, our class strives to be better. Reflection and self-assessment.While students strive to achieve their goals, they can also learn more about the process of goal setting. Drama, music, visual art, and dancing.The package includes posters to hang on your bulletin board or wall, as well as three kinds of assessments and booklets that will help your children record and organize their thoughts and ideas. This package will help your students to complete the entire goal-setting process. goal setting packageGet started today

NEWLY UPDATEDMany thanks to those who gave feedback and offered suggestions. We are grateful to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions! “Goal Setting in Arts Ed”The package is now more than twice the size A number of requests were made to include: Four point scaleI added another set for teacher, peer, or self assessment. All assessment now have There are four choices:

a color 3 point scale,

Black and white 3-point scale

A color 4-point scale.

A black-and-white 4 point scale.

Furthermore, A student book to the package.

“Goal Setting in Arts Ed” It can also be found in “Arts Ed Bundle,” And the “Goal Setting Bundle.”

The “Goal Setting in Arts Ed”Packet Click HereIncludes Further You can provide materials for your students to use in their pursuit of arts education goals. If you are looking for materials to support your students in their arts education goals, Have you already bought? This bundle of materials is Please re-download To receive additional material, please click here NO CHARGE Thank you

The package includes the following:Here are some:

PlacardsThese are some examples of possible goals in different art ed areas.


peer assessments,

Teacher assessmentsAnd

Brochures for studentsStudents can use this area to record their thoughts and ideas during each step of goal-setting. Diverse optionsThese are available for each student’s booklet to allow you to tailor it to your needs.

All MaterialBoth are available The colorAnd Black and white

Setting goals is an essential skill that students should master. We all live our lives with the goal of achieving our goals. Always strive for improvementThrough the goals that we set. Students can find out more about goal setting in the arts education area. They will be working towards achieving goals for dance, drama and music. There are Seven steps are required to reach your goal.

1. 1. Determine your Goal

2. Establish a Baseline

3. 3.

4. Concentrate on the Goal

5. Follow Progress

6. Evaluation of Achievement

7. Focus on your Goal

Art Education Goal SettingThese are the things that we support Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes:AR1.1, Ar1.2, AR2.1 and AR2.2. AR3.1,AR3.2

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Art Education Goal SettingIt can also be used in conjunction Arts Ed Trading Cards: Mini anchor charts and Self-Assessment Question

If you haven’t done so already, download “7 Steps of GOAL SETTING: Posters, Trading Cards, and Bookmarks.”It’s available GRATISSubscribe to the Teachers With A Touch of Honey newsletter

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For a while, I was looking for an assessment tool for elementary students studying The Arts. I found this one to be very useful because my students were able to easily understand it and then apply it to their goals for the next Trimester.

As a drama teacher, I find it very easy to simplify the expectations of my students and me. This makes it easy for me to track how my students do and allows me to differentiate between different types of line support. Many thanks!


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