Google Sites Virtual Classroom Digital Accents/Activities GROWING FILE

Google Sites Virtual Classroom Digital Accents/Activities GROWING FILE

It can be used to teach 1st through 8th grades.

Also includes: PDF and 75+

Spruce up your Google Site, Google ClassroomThese digital accents are available on both FREE and Premium platforms. You can find more 150+ BUTTONS PNGs and many other great activities for building your Google Site or classroom website. This is a great tool to have in your ZOOM meetings or online teaching.

Students will flourish with an organized and visually pleasing online learning platform. This product offers BUILDING LOCKSYou will need to build your digital platform. it does NONProvide a ready-made website

Your site will be amazing, but there will also be other features that can make it easier to teach online. You will have digital bulletin boards and digital libraries that you can use to suggest books for students. Information for parents, scheduling, assignments for weekly and daily, meeting the teacher template, and other useful information.


22 New DIGITAL BULLETIN BOARDMore options available!

Daily Summary Writing Google Slides is a great digital accent to your virtual classroom for students.

Blank composition notebook template Use it while you share your screen or teach a lesson

32 Stickers DigitalWe are pleased to offer praise for digital assignments submitted by students

The Year’s First-All About ME/Math About me/Gratitude Scavenger Hunt/Would you rather Slides

MENTOR TEXTExamples of Slides

Parents are welcome Stationery

EditableMeeting the Teacher NightPrezentation (Dog-Themed)

Vision BoardStudents Activity and Digital Buttons/Pieces

Digital Anchor Chart Digital Buttons

PowerPoints for Classroom BirthdaysThe Buttons


These are the easy steps to get you started Google SiteIt’s possible!

It can be used ANY platformThis allows you to upload an image to Google Classroom and then link it to Google Classroom!

Assignment slides to help with reading, writing and science.

Digital Student Slide/VIP Badges

Google Site Badges

Slide editableYou can personalize your website so you are able to do what you want. BUTTONS

  • Above and Beyond
  • Evaluations
  • Return to School Forms
  • The Behavior Contract
  • Book Lexile Level
  • Character Education
  • Ask a Question
  • Take a look at Question
  • DOJO Class
  • The Classroom Economy
  • Multiple versions of Classroom Library, including photos
  • Classroom Wishlist (4 colors)
  • Class Schedule
  • Clever
  • Coding
  • Contact the teacher (Multiple versions, including photos)
  • Cool Down Corner (personal inquiry)
  • Curriculum
  • Days of Week (Full title/Abbreviation
  • You can choose your donor
  • Starters
  • Education Links
  • Send an email to the teacher
  • Enrichment Options
  • EPIC
  • Expectations
  • Galerie
  • GATE
  • Genius Hour
  • Google Classroom
  • Grades
  • Politique de Grading
  • Rubric for Grading
  • Homework
  • The Homework Policy
  • Assistance
  • Keyboarding Games
  • Literacy Games
  • Information Links
  • Learn Resources
  • Literacy Resources
  • Math Games
  • Math Resources
  • The Teacher
  • Get to know the counselor
  • Meet the Teachers
  • Calendar Monthly
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Additional Important Information
  • Information for parents
  • Survey of Parents
  • Parent Tip
  • Passion Projects
  • Photo Album
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Keep reminding
  • Robotics
  • These are the rules
  • Scholastic
  • Schoology
  • Seesaw
  • For Students
  • Student of the month
  • Students Work Soon
  • Multiple versions of subjects, photos included
  • Sommer Reading
  • Syllabus
  • Assignments for Today
  • Today’s Work
  • Agenda for Today
  • V.I.P. V.I.P.
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Weekly Assignment
  • Welcome Letter
  • Word Wall
  • Write your goals

The TeacherCollage (via Power Point and Google Slides).

A Colorful Lightbulb Headers IndividualizedThere are 5 different grades() KINDERGARTEN-8th Graders!


DIGITAL RUBRICS Google Classroom Assignments 4 Style/Color Versions

DIGITAL FEEDBACK FORMS Google Classroom Assignments (Six Different Colors)

Google Classroom Assignments: Digital Stamps

To give your students an extra boost of encouragement, you can add these items to the student work in Google Classroom!

View virtual classroom backgrounds

14 varieties of plants and colors

Six Unique Library Buttons in Virtual Library

It is an excellent way to track the books that you’ve read together with students. There are 4 templates that can be used to create bookcases. You can also add book covers images as you share them with the class.

Read Aloud Spotlight

These slides will help you identify and highlight the Read Alouds benefits that your students have for their day or week.

Digital bulletin boards/Spotlight student

Digital bulletin boards are a great way to showcase the hard work of your students. If you’re doing it digitally, these will look great at back-to-school night. You can also use a spotlight student slide to show off a specific student.

Digital Word Wall

This digital word wall allows you to keep track of sight words and target vocabulary. As you are teaching, add words to help students remember.

The Student Work Schedule

This is a great visual to help your students keep track of the assignments they have for each day. The visual will be useful for students and parents to keep track of what is expected each week. There are 4 different styles/colors.

You will find many valuable elements in this book that can be used to create a virtual class. It was extremely helpful in setting up my virtual classroom. This made it so much easier to create a virtual classroom that is visually engaging and appealing for my children.

This resource is amazing. This resource made a tech-illiterate teacher so much happier and less anxious about creating her Google pages. Many thanks! You can’t beat it! Anyone who’s thinking of starting a class Google Site, I recommend this highly!


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