Graffiti, Street Art, and Banksy Art Lesson and Project

Graffiti, Street Art, and Banksy Art Lesson and Project

Can be used for 8th – 12th
Mostly used with 8th students.

Includes: PDF, 35 pages

Graffiti is a huge movement in art and is extremely controversial. Students are passionate about the topic and it makes for lively class discussion. This lesson can be used for upper middle school through high school students.

This lesson includes the following:

*4 page lesson plan that includes learning objectives, steps for production, aesthetics & criticism, examples of student work, and links to websites for further learning.

*17 slide Power Point (PP Doc and PDF) introducing street art, graffiti, and reverse graffiti (environmentally-based graffiti). PP Doc includes two (2) embedded files of videos, one for each art style

*14 slide Power Point (PP Doc an PDF) introducing Banksy

*Article and accompanying worksheet for students to give their opinion about graffiti and street art (including the illegal nature of it)

I use this every semester in my painting class (though it can be used in many different classes). It’s a really fun project and one of my students’ favorites!

I work on secure residential treatment units, so the lesson as designed to be outdoors, using spray paint, exacto knives and even magazines is not possible. The power point was good, but there was little text with it it, so I could just as easily create my own. This looks like a good project for advanced high school students. I liked the breakdown of definitions among the different kinds of wall art. Had I been able to see the preview in more detail, I probably would not have purchased the lesson.

I added a bit more to this resource so that there was a way to assess understanding, but the material was excellent and engaging for my art students.


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