Green Screen Make a Movie Bundle for Green Screen Projects

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This can be used by 1st-5th grade students.

Includes: PDF,


This Green Screen BUNDLE OF MONEY SAVINGS There are tons of backgrounds and script templates, as well as puppets and background images that you can use to create a Green Screen in your classroom.

The theme of each bundle revolves around a month holiday, so that you can swap them out throughout the year in your Green Screen station.

This may be a good option for you:

Blanks and Puppets scripts for Green Screen


Early finishers

As a class activity.

You can also use it as a part of a group activity.

As a workstation.

Filmed without green screen, on printed backgrounds that are included.

The iPad camera

Here’s how it works

To write the script for a movie, a student writes on blank paper. You can do this as an individual, a partner or as a whole class activity. In a group activity, everyone works on the scripts simultaneously.

1. The movie concept posters can be used by students to get started, or they may create their own.

2. The script is completed and students practice to film. After they have rehearsed, they can take the puppet to film on the green screen.

3. Once they’re finished, scan one of their QR codes for the background.

4. They add layers to the app Green Screen By Do Ink.

Take Note:

Your class may only have one iPad that has the app. Students will upload the movie on green background to their iPads with the app, then layer the layers. To finish the movie, you can send it to the teacher.

Here are the things you will need to set up a mini greenscreen workstation for your classroom.


*green folder or green screen

*green straws or BBQ skewers painted green

*app Green Screen by Do Ink

*posters, blank scripts, puppets, and QR code sheets from this product

This is a wonderful green screen resource. It was great to see the enthusiasm of students when creating videos. We are grateful for such a valuable resource.

This is one the most valuable TPT resources that I have ever bought. This is an excellent resource for TPT. I am looking forward to collecting all Anita Goodwin’s green screens resources.


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