Growth Mindset Craftivity, Classroom Display The Little Engine That Could

Growth Mindset Craftivity, Classroom Display The Little Engine That Could

Useful for PreK-2nd
This is mainly used for Kindergarten students.

Includes PDF and 35 pages

The classroom display was created by students based on The Little Engine That Could. It will serve as a reminder for students to use positive self-talk, such “I believe I can”, and to keep a growth mindset in difficult situations. To create a unique display in your classroom, you can select from many options including cars, trains, cabooses and headers.

After hearing the story, and talking about how little blue engine was a growing mindset, students make the cars for train classroom displays by writing the sentence “I believe I can …”” with a task or goal they want to accomplish this school year.

Students will be more likely to hang student-made displays in their classrooms. This shows them that they are valued for what they have done and gives the display a deeper meaning because the students were involved in its design. When I read the book, and created this craftivity for my students, it was easy to hear them saying “I think that I can” when they were doing their own work.


• Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset explanation

• Links to Growth Mindset Resources

• Instructions for using the book The Little Engine That Could to teach students about growth mindset

• Instructions for how to create the class display

• Train engines in both color and black and white with the words “We can…”

• Train engines in both color and black and white with the words “We think we can!”

• Train engines in both color and black and white with the words “The little class that could!”

• Cabooses in both color and black and white with the words “We can!”

• Cabooses in both color and black and white with no words

• 8 different train cars for students (3 different styles, cars with lined and unlined text, one line and two line sentences, sentences and student illustrations or sentences only)

• Puffs of smoke with the title “We think we can!” Both in color as well as black and white, that are suitable for use on the header

• Blank puffs of smoke (add your own words for the title)

♥ ♥ What other educators have said about this resource:

I love this project. They still talk about the project when they’re stuck. Another student said to me, “Don’t lose heart, I believe I can do it, then you will be able!” LOVE IT! Miss May’s K

It amazes me at how many uses you can make of this resource. There are so many ways you can use it! Tabitha W.

It’s a wonderful activity! I used it during the first half of the school year for a lesson on growth mindset. For the first half year, I trained the students to create under my whiteboard in front of class. The students loved showing their work off to their parents during back to school nights. – Amanda L.

“We built our train. It is hanging above my windows. It is a reminder to us to keep going through difficult tasks. From now on, I’ll use it every year. Many thanks! – Shannon V.

“Fabulous resource! This is a great resource! My students absolutely love the Growth Mindset display in our hallway. “Thank you very much!” “- Wendy S.

This resource is amazing! “The students were delighted to learn that the options were open for trains cars! Jacqueline M.

This was a great way to start the new year. My school is an AVID school. So my students drew images of their goals for the year. We will display it throughout the year so that they can remember them. – Jessica S.

I was enthralled by all of the different writing styles! This was perfect for Growth Mindset, Whole Brain’s Invincible Grit, New Year’s Resolution, and teaching lesson/theme/message.” – Buyer

“Super cute, it has been displayed in my bedroom all through the school year to remind my students that they are capable !!!” – Rebecca B.

This bulletin board was a hit with everyone in school! – Miranda L.

Perfect! The bulletin board was used to display our month’s value- Perseverance! – Tara O.

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It is a great activity for developing a growth mindset. It will be a great activity to use at school’s beginning next year. To help my PreK students consider what they wish to study before going to kindergarten, I’m using it.

This activity was used at the end of the school year by my Pre-K students. It made an excellent display in our hall for The Little Engine That Could’s unit. Although the lines are a little too small for my kids, their drawings were beautiful and they loved it!


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