Growth Mindset Drama Circle

Growth Mindset Drama Circle

It can be used to make 4th-7th
This is mainly used for 5th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 11 Pages

Drama Circle leads your students on a journey of growth and fixed mindsets.

Drama circles are an enjoyable drama activity. They can be used in drama activities such as morning meetings, oral languages activities, fluency practice and cooperative learning activities. The 40 cards are arranged in a series, each with a unique instruction or saying. Each card is related to growth mindset. To perform the scenarios, students gather in a circle. Each student acts out one card. The next student in the sequence begins acting out the card. This continues until all cards are acted.

The drama circle can be found in my Drama Circle Bundle 2This resource contains six different resources for drama circles.

You can also find this resource in my Bundle of Growth Mindset ActivitiesThis book contains three great activities that will reinforce your student’s growth mindset.

Why not offer drama lessons to your students? MATH CIRCLESTry it! Give it a try! Click HERETake a look.

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This resource was a hit with my students. The students were very engaged, and they had lots of fun making their scenarios cards. Many thanks!

This resource was great for both in-class instruction and distance education. It is an excellent way to encourage students to have a positive attitude. Great activity to kick off the year.


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