Gustav Klimt Art Lesson and Instruction Video

Gustav Klimt Art Lesson and Instruction Video

It can be used by 2nd-8th-grade Homeschool students.

Included: PDF

Gustav Klimt used gold leaves in his artwork, wore long gowns and adored cats. He’s my kind of man. He was an artist who lived in freedom and painted every day. It will be a delight for students to learn about his life, and the art he created.

This lesson will teach you all about Gustav Klimt. It also teaches how to create The Tree of Life. This piece will be closely examined to discover more about symbolism as well as how to apply it. For creating shapes we’ll use metallic paints, pencils, as well corks and cotton buds. You will get a sparkling Klimt-tree.

This pdf has 18 pages.

Liste of available supplies

Extra resources (links to books & website for further info)

Learning goals

Biography in detail

Fun facts that are easy to remember

A review of The Tree of Life

Written instructions

INSTRUCTION VOIDEO – My daughter and me show how you can create your very own masterpiece.

Suggested discussion and artist quote

Summaries to take stock of what we’ve learned.

You can modify these lessons to suit your needs. These instructions can be used by any age child with some help. These can be completed one-on-one or in the classroom. You can take the lessons as you see fit. My workshops have helped me test all the lessons.

This lesson was a great success with my children. They were absorbed into making beautiful things and loved blinging them up. Highly recommended.

This was done at home with my 13-year old reluctant son. It was a great experience for both of us and it is now a beautiful reminder that we can have our own trees of life. Beautiful video that is child-centered and very inspiring. Many thanks!


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