Gustav Klimt Inspired Patterns | Drawing Aid

Gustav Klimt Inspired Patterns | Drawing Aid

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

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Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt is best known for his paintings “The Tree of Life” and “The Kiss”, loved to use lines & shapes to create whimsical patterns in his paintings. There was also lots and lots gold leaf. Klimt’s art is a favorite of mine and my students so I created this visual drawing visualization featuring Klimt-inspired patterns and symbols. It’s perfect for any type of art project. These patterns can be drawn with metallic pencils, gel pens or pencils. Your lesson Klimt-inspired lesson will pop!


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Buyer beware: There is hardly anything to this resource. I assumed there would be more than the 10 little shape doodles pictured on the preview…but there isn’t. 50% of the handout is just the title “Patterns inspired by Gustav Klimt’s the Tree of Life.” The markings on the preview are literally the entire resource. When I purchased this from an art teacher, I assumed there was some level of skill or detail that I (a non art teacher) could benefit from, but I could have drawn circles and triangles. I expected a lot more patterns that kids could learn from. I’ve bought resources from Art with Mrs. E before…this one was extremely disappointing. The resource seems like it is surely missing pages or something…

I like to have a visual on each desk to help drive the lesson home. This was an amazing resource for both my in-class and at-home learners, thank you.


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