Halloween Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

Halloween Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

This can be used by K-8th grade students.

Included: PDF, 79 Pages

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This Halloween worksheet pack is full of music-related fun. The activities focus on basic music theory such as note identification (treble, bass), rest and note durations and dynamics.

Take a peek at the preview file to see all worksheets included! The preview file might appear blurry because of compression. But, you can still see the entire file in its entirety.


  • Line/Space Treble/Bass (31 pages)
  • Rhythm/Note/Rest (327 Pages)
    • Most of the time, whole-half-quarter lengths. There are also options for eight-day durations.
  • The Dynamics 8 pages
  • Colour by Symbol: 3 Color Scenes and 4 Versions (each with dynamics, notes/rests),

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Music worksheets

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These are a favorite of mine! These are a favorite of mine whenever I have more time. They also love coloring the characters!


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