Halloween Spooky Directed Drawing

Halloween Spooky Directed Drawing

Useful for Homeschool and K – 4th grades
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and First-Grade students.

Includes PDF and 77 pages

This directed drawing kit will delight your students!

This pack will let you pick from 60 different drawings.


Select one of four projects to be used for your drawing.

  • Classic directed drawing
  • Big draw
  • Draw and type OR
  • Read-Draw-Write

Drawing directed allows students to be successful in their learning of drawing and motivates them to write.

The Classic directed drawingStudents can simply draw by following the steps.

Draw BigThe steps are on one page. A page with a bordered, bordered worksheet allows students to make large-scale artwork.

Draw and writeStudents can draw in the blank area (using separate pages of steps), and write on a few lines.

The “Read, Draw, WriteStudents are encouraged to use the “style” worksheet to help them read and draw pictures (and add more drawings if necessary). Then lines will be provided to allow students to compose sentences about their topic or picture.

These are the directed drawings from Halloween that you will find in this file:

  1. Ghosted house
  2. Candy corn cutie
  3. jack-o-lantern
  4. Pumpkin cutie
  5. spider
  6. Sad witch
  7. Friendly ghost
  8. Trick or Treat Bag
  9. black cat
  10. happy bat
  11. Frankenstein
  12. Owl
  13. Cauldron
  14. wizard
  15. Frankie (face)

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These can be used to break up distance learning or for remote teaching. The ones that we did were very enjoyable!

When independent writing is not available, directed drawing is very popular with my class. They requested that they be used later in the term, even though I presented them this set just before Halloween. These sets helped me to create imaginative and descriptive stories. Many thanks!


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