Healthy Eating – Intro to Canada’s Food Guide 2019 – Kindergarten/Early Primary

Healthy Eating - Intro to Canada's Food Guide 2019 - Kindergarten/Early Primary

This can be used to help PreK-second students.

Included: PDF, 24 Pages

The interactive guide simplifies Canada’s new food guide, which was introduced in 2019. The interactive resource will teach your preschool and elementary students about vegetable and fruit, protein foods and whole grains. Their students will quickly learn that they should divide “Their plate” into three separate healthy areas. They will do this through video, links, colouring and cutting and pasting.

They will discuss water’s benefits and make it more fun and enjoyable for students.

Finally, by being aware of their eating habits they can learn to recognize when they feel full or hungry.

Please refer to the preview before you buy to confirm that this product suits your needs. Each page can be viewed.


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