High and Low {Ready Set Print!}

High and Low {Ready Set Print!}

Useful for K – 1st
This is a great tool for 1st and Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 12 Pages

These worksheets are designed for students to practice both high- and low.

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It also includes:

High and Low Trace worksheets Students fill out high and low lines on a single liner staff.

– Do you know what it means? Do you think it’s high or low? Sheet-Students write the letters “H” and “L” on a piece of paper to identify whether the note has a high or low value (using a single line staff). There are 2 copies of each page for students.

– “Which one do you hear?” Students draw the crayon box that has the pattern the teacher sings/pays. You can choose from four different versions of this worksheet

1) There are only two choices for students to make

2) There are three options for students to choose from

Three boxes per number with the same four options for tonal colors

Each number has four boxes with different patterns of tonal color.

“Compose your own High/Low song” Students may copy and paste the following to make their high/low songs.

To order the song, students will need to cut out the high/low pattern and place them in the appropriate places.

High and low match-up – Students create a line that matches up four beats from each song with the appropriate song title or picture. Lemonade and Doggie Doggie are all songs. Rain Rain Go Away is also a song.

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This resource was extremely useful and loved by my students. The students quickly mastered it! It was a wonderful way for me to test my young students.

I used these as a companion to the Robert Munsch book, “Up, Up, Down.” They worked perfectly! They are wonderful!


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