Holiday Traditions Collaborative Group Tree

Holiday Traditions Collaborative Group Tree

Can be used for 3rd – 8th
Mostly used with 4th and 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 24 pages


Your students will LOVE creating this holiday tree together that is perfect for a holiday bulletin board or your classroom door. Do your students know what holiday traditions are? Many students have a difficult time determining the difference between every day activities and actual traditions. There is a one page read that discusses what traditions. There is also an activity page where students can define holiday traditions and brainstorm their own. Additionally, there is a practice template that students can write a draft of their paragraph defining traditions and giving an example of a tradition that is special to them. Finally, there are triangle templates to make the tree. The model/example of the class tree will tell you how many of the different pieces you need to construct a complete tree. There are different versions of the templates. Included are blank, a template with lines, and a template with lines and black line holiday pictures that students can artistically color.

We all loved learning and hearing about different families holiday traditions. So many didn’t even know what they did was a tradition!!

This was great. We started today with this writing lesson. The kids are really excited about picking the different ones. Thanks!


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