Hot Air Balloon Craft Art & Writing Project … much loved BEST SELLER!

Hot Air Balloon Craft Art & Writing Project ...  much loved BEST SELLER!

Useful for PreK – 5th
This is a great tool for 1st and Kindergarten students.

Includes PDF and 11 pages

You can make this adorable project with your students any day of the school year. However, I particularly love it at the start or end of each year for goal setting and reflection. You can use it as a bulletin board display or hallway decoration, or as a memory book.


All The Interesting Details:

There are many options for balloons and baskets. For more information, please see the photos!

Other items:American spellings of favourite/favourite. The following:

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Made with ❤️ from Katie at HOWYWOOD Kindergarten

They will make a great gift to take home for the students this year. This year I will send home a mix of hybrid and remote learning. Although I don’t have as many photos of students, it will make this photo book just as popular.

This resource is amazing! This is a great way for students to express their hopes and dreams. Some classes find the story Oh The Places you Go a bit too long, so I modified it to fit their needs.


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