How to Draw Faces! Portraiture Lesson with Value Shading

How to Draw Faces!  Portraiture Lesson with Value Shading

This can be used by Homeschool students for grades 5-12.

Included: PDF, 26 Pages

Students can use the handouts in this package to help them with their art distance learning lessons about drawing faces.

You can break down the content into small lessons to make it easier for you to use this product as a tool for distance learning. Students might also be asked to send a test drawing before lessons begin. To see the growth of your students, you can both compare the original drawing and the final portrait once the lessons are over.


How to draw portraits

This lesson plan will help students draw realistic human faces using mathematical guidelines. For students between 5 and 12, this lesson will be most beneficial. This lesson has been taught to me for many years. With a high success rate, this lesson is one of my students’ favorites.

The 26-page document includes:

-Introductory activity “Pre-test”, called “Museum Monday”, with information and a framework to assist you in creating an art history PowerPoint called “10 Most Famous Portraits”, if required.

A detailed, illustrated step-by-step lesson plan

4 Printable handouts to help students draw their eyes, noses, mouths, hair, etc.

A worksheet that summarizes “Rules Of Portraiture” and includes a pre-measured worksheet. This worksheet is used to quickly catch up with absent students or support special education needs.

Teaching Strategy: Students are given a worksheet that helps them remember the concepts and can refer to it as necessary.

Pre- and Post-test Results to Show Student Growth

Information about my art grade and how to do weekly Museum Monday activities.

These worksheets are easy to follow and understand. These are great resources you’ll use again and again!

It is very helpful. Many thanks.

It was extremely helpful for my students who were part of the after-school art club. Highly recommended.


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