How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae Adapted Books [Level 1 and Level 2]

How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae Adapted Books [Level 1 and Level 2]

This can be used to teach K-3rd and Homeschool students.

Also available in PDF

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DIGITAL + PRINTABLE – Use these leveled and adapted readers to show your students how to make an Ice Cream Sundae.| Use this set of leveled, adapted readers to teach your students the steps of how to make an ice cream sundae.

What’s included?

• Level 1 – 10 page book with 2 comprehension questions (14 total Velcro answer pieces)

• Level 2 – 10 page book with 4 comprehension questions (18 total Velcro answer pieces)

• Paper comprehension tests (matches the questions in each book – great for keeping data)

JUST ADDED Digital Adapted Book is available for Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Google Drive/Google Slides.

These adapted books need to be put together.

• Print on card stock and laminate.

• Cut on the dotted line on each page.

• In the upper left corner of each page is a grey circle. To hold it together, punch a hole in the middle.

• Put a piece of Velcro in each empty box or circle. Attach a Velcro to the back of every answer piece.

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More information Here are the Adapted books

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It’s a wonderful resource.

It would be great if there was level 1.5. Level 1 is way too basic for my kids, but level 2 for some is far too complicated. Otherwise, I am extremely happy! Cute, but real clipart to keep the kids entertained.


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