How to Read A Recipe and Reading Comprehension Life Skills

How to Read A Recipe and Reading Comprehension Life Skills

This can be used by Homeschool students for grades 6 through 11.

Included: PDF, 11 Pages

You are looking for an engaging reading comprehension game that incorporates high-level life skills and middle school/high school students? Students will be able to learn vocabulary in this lesson These are the most important parts of any recipe. Four activities will be offered to students to practice their ability to read and understand a recipe.

What’s Included:

◈ Define Parts Of a recipe

◈ Label parts of The Recipe

◈ Recipe comprehension (6 versions)

◈ Write Your Own Recipe

This is a great place to be:

◈ Reading comprehension

◈ Cooking

◈ Differentiated instruction

Common Core To answer every question, students will need to use evidence from the recipe.

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Excellent resource!

Overall the pack was great. My students were concerned that two pages of the recipes looked so alike that they thought I had duplicated it. These two pages would be more distinct.


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