Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Ice Cream Dramatic Play

Useful for PreK – K and Homeschool
Most commonly used for PreK students.

Included: PDF, 46 Pages

In an environment where students can pretend to be customers or servers, they may also pretend that they’re actually serving. ICE CREAM PARLORAt this play centre, you will find a variety of dramatic and exciting activities. Playing ice cream is a great way to learn important math, literacy and language skills.

Easy, Print & Go PDF:

This kit includes everything needed to create an Ice Cream Parlor at your play area.

Open/Closed Sign

Employer Name Tags (Cashier Scooper Waiter Male and Female)

Fill out the Order Form (1/2 sheet blackline for student use)

The Flavors of Today Menu Board with 9 flavor options

Recipe for Play Dough Make your own “ice-cream” to sell in the shop

Supplies Labels

Pennant Bunting (“Frosty Queen”)

“Betsy Book.”When introducing the dramatic play center, this adorable book of 9 pages is great to have your students read it aloud.


This video will show you how to make this play centre a part of your school. This blog post

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The dramatic play Ice cream shop that I made for her was absolutely adored by my daughter. The order forms, and the flipping of the closed/open sign were her favorite things. I highly recommend it. You really do get a lot of product and it is worth every penny to make the place feel more like an ice-cream shop.

This theme was a hit with my students! This theme helped students to come together and create treats for other children in their classroom. It was wonderful to witness their excitement!


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