Informational Text Structures Task Cards Print and Digital with TpT Easel

Informational Text Structures Task Cards Print and Digital with TpT Easel

This can be used for Homeschool students, 3rd through 6th grades.

Includes: PDF, 12 (32 task cards) + blackline verions

These 32 cards are short and simple to help students understand the different types of informational texts. Five text structures are used. They include description, sequence (sometimes referred to as chronological), compare, contrast, cause and effect, problem and solution, and cause and effect. Each card has a brief informational paragraph with signal words and phrases and a choice between different text structures. A Challenge Card can also be used in conjunction with any card in the set. It asks students to explain how and why they came up with the correct answer.


Distance Learning: Easel Activity

***********There is also a digital version using TpT’s new digital tool (added August 2020). After purchasing, click on the “Open as Digital Activity” button. You will be able to access a version that allows students to use a highlighter to highlight signal words and phrases, and a pen tool for selecting their answers. The digital overlay can be edited or left as it is.***********

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Blackline versions are also available for printing on colored papers.

A handout/poster with explanations of the five structures is included, along with a student answer sheets and key to help students check their work. These task cards can be used for test prep, reading strategy center, partner work, and with the entire class using Scoot.


The following are the contents of this set:

  • Directions and Suggestions
  • 32 Task Cards in Color
  • 32 Task Cards by Blackline
  • Cover card and Challenge Card
  • Student Answer Sheets
  • Answer Key
  • Informational Text/Poster


About the Author

Rachel Lynette wrote these passages. Rachel Lynette is a published author of more than 120 nonfiction books on children’s topics. I also have several teacher resource books. I have written for publishers such as Harcourt, Thompson-Gale, Rosen, Children’s Press, Evan-Moor, Kagan, and several others. These passages represent more than a decade worth of professional writing experience.


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This product is happy brought to you by Rachel Lynette, Cassi Noack, of Minds In Bloom



Compare and contrast (e.g. chronology, comparisons, cause/effects, problem/solution) of events or ideas in two or more texts.


Describe the overall structure of an event, idea, concept, or text (e.g., chronology.


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