Interactive Google Slides Virtual Field Trip Around the World

Interactive Google Slides Virtual Field Trip Around the World

This can be used to teach 1st-8th grades, Homeschoolers.

Included: PDF, 16 Pages

You can take a virtual tour around the globe! The interactive activity teaches students about geography, music and culture of MEXICO, BRAZIL and the continents of INDIA, INDIA, CHINA and AFRICA. Students also learn how to make a return. At home To CANADA

The Google Slides Edition contains slides with interactive and educational connections.

National anthems, World Music Styles and Instruments from Each Culture

Dance styles and forms of different cultures

Notable inventions of different cultures

Geographic characteristics of each region visited

And other fun activities to educate, entertain, and inform! Last slide contains a form you can share with teachers on Google Classroom.

All links to YouTube are “Video link“, which means that YouTube ads and playlists are not distracting you!

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Music Comes Alive

This is awesome! They were so excited! The seller provided me with more information.

This is a great resource.


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