Interactive Halloween Coloring Pages + Writing Prompts | Fun Halloween Activity!

Interactive Halloween Coloring Pages + Writing Prompts | Fun Halloween Activity!

This can be used to teach Homeschoolers from the 1st through 6th grades.

Includes PDF and 16 pages

Halloween activities: Spider, bat, witch hat pumpkin, black cat, and ghost interactive Pop Art coloring pages with writing prompts. My interactive coloring pages will add fun and excitement to Halloween celebrations. For Halloween, have students color in bold patterns on different school symbols.

There are 12 total interactive patterns, each filled with pattern for EACH.

  • Pumpkin
  • Bats
  • Spider
  • Ghost
  • Witch Hat
  • Black Cat

Three writing prompts have been included in the lesson to align this activity with the common core standard. As one happy teacher commented, “I love that I can incorporate artwork in CCSS using these student designed pictures. These images can serve as a starting point to write about Core Standards. This is very innovative! Thank you!”

It is simple, fun and very unique. The kids will love it! Six different design options have been included to give the user a variety of choices.

You will also find a bonus coloring sheet with the pattern already included. It is perfect for those who are short on time, or when the lesson needs to be adjusted for one or more students.

A beautiful, computer-generated color example is included that you can show your students. You will be able to save a lot time by not creating your own.

You can also download interactive “Pop Art” coloring pages for various occasions. They are the basis of an entire book You will find designs that cover the whole year and more than 80 sheets of paper for holidays and all seasons.

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They were a favorite of the class! My students loved color these and cutting them out. Then they wrote stories about their characters. Wonderful resource!

These pages were a huge hit with my students. This was an easy way to pass the time between school, and my students were eager to colour another page when I came back.


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