Kinderbykim’s My ABC Art Book!

Kinderbykim's  My ABC Art Book!

Useful for PreK-K
Most commonly used by Kindergarten students.

Included: PDF, 85 Pages

The perfect addition to any literacy program is My ABC Art Book. Your children will love reviewing their sounds and letters with art. Children will enjoy creating weekly art projects to help them recognize letter sounds and letters. This activity is great for improving fine motor skills by cutting, tracing, and gluing colourful projects. These 85-page books include 27 projects and patterns as well as black line masters to help you write your words. Create, learn and have some fun. Is there anything more you could ask? Enjoy, Kim Jordano

It is amazing! These are something I can’t wait to do with my kids. One of the memories books will be used by us! It’s perfect! You are amazing!

This year, my students enjoyed making alphabet scrapbooks. The pages I had to change were: I did make a few changes (e.g., s was for seahorse instead of snake), but it was very easy. They were excited to read through their books and bring them home when they were done.


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