Kitchen Safety for Kids, lesson/activities (Distance learning)

Kitchen Safety for Kids,  lesson/activities (Distance learning)

Can be used for 3rd – 6th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 18 pages

“Kitchen Safely,” Lesson covering all aspects of kitchen safety for children.Printables, Answer Key, Clip art. Distance learning appropriate

No prep needed

included is:

Getting permission to cook from parents

What to wear when cooking to stay safe

Always use hot pads to avoid burns

Safety rules when using the oven or stove top

Be careful around steam to avoid burns

Never lift or carry a boiling pan of water/food

Stir foods away from your body to avoid burns

Always clean up spills

Know/learn how to use your kitchen equipment

Keeping germs out of food

Steps for using the kitchen safely

Tips to keep from getting burned

Rules for cooking if home alone/always check with parents first, with additional info

What to do in case of fire

What to do if your clothes catch fire

How to call 911

Safety quiz-assessment,Writing prompt, Identify what caused a fire on the stove (large visual included), Salad, cut and create collage. Match up the cooking items with the right picture activity. Coloring page.

Store: Health is Elementary

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