La Comida Food in Spanish-Speaking Countries Virtual Field Trip ENGLISH

La Comida Food in Spanish-Speaking Countries Virtual Field Trip ENGLISH

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: PDF, 4+ interactive map

Your students can explore different cultures and food around the globe with you!Online content discovery is possible interactive Google MapImages, videos and readings. It’s time-saving and fun for your students.

All readings in EnglishExplore a wide range of foods and countries. Every reading also includes information about the foods. Name and background You can find more information at: You will find a variety of videos in the links. English or SpanishThis is a great way to introduce your students to Spanish-speaking foods. It is great for students learning Spanish or to help them get familiar with Spanish cuisine.

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❁Interactive Map with Readings, Pictures, and Videos

❁Use Graphic Organizer for recording their thoughts on the various dishes.

-One in English
Spanish: -One

❁Use the digital versions of student sheets with Google Slides

❁An example of what students might respond to the organizer

You can view this activity in English or Spanish by clicking here

Click here to view this Spanish-language activity.

It is great to reinforce geography and learn about culture. You could also use it as a subplan.

Access to the Internet and devices will be required by students to access the map. YouTube has the video. Before purchasing, verify that Google My Maps is available at your school.


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The resource was fantastic! It was great for warm-ups during a week! It was engaging for students and simple to understand. They clicked on it every day to discover a new recipe/food. It was a wonderful addition to our food unit. ¡GRACIAS!

This was a great way to get together with your exploratory Spanish class. We had great discussions and laughed about strange foods and drinks, and I was able to learn about new food/drinks.


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