Legends in Dance – History of American Hip-Hop Dance – Expanded and Updated!

Legends in Dance - History of American Hip-Hop Dance - Expanded and Updated!

Can be used for 9th – 12th, Homeschool
Mostly used with 7th and 8th students.

Includes: PDF, 10 pages


This packet explores the Hip-Hop dance history of the culture including the West Coast, East Coast Roots. It examines the pioneers and future leaders of this music genre. This worksheet includes discussion questions and an answer key. It is easy to assign to students or subs in your class.

This worksheet is part a series that I designed for dance history and musical theater classes. Many figures are found in modern, jazz, and tap. These packets were made by me as a teaching tool for my students, since there wasn’t a suitable textbook for high-school dance history.

These packets are appropriate for students who have difficulty understanding and reading at high school level. These packets are ideal for Common Core Close Reading. These are both standard notated and sourced. You will also find questions. These are ideal for small groups and individual work. These key questions can be used as a reference for the future.

These packets include video clips of particular artists and reflection questions. This allows students to link the figure and choreography.

This is a great opportunity to introduce a pioneer in each one of the genres. It is also acceptable to leave for subs and group work. Packet includes grading key

This was a fantastic resource to start covering this style of dance! My students were very interested in this activity when it began! The questions could be used with the text, which was amazing!

These resources can be used in many ways and I love them! My classes in dance history include history. These bios are excellent for researching projects. Students can use the bio to locate video footage and to present their learnings in class. These have been invaluable for reading materials even when I am not able to attend class. Your generosity in sharing your resources is greatly appreciated.


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Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases by using context clues, analyzing meaningful word parts, and consulting general and specialized reference materials, as appropriate.


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