Legends in Dance History of American Jazz Dance Genre – updated

Legends in Dance  History of American Jazz Dance Genre - updated

This can be used by Homeschool students for grades 9-12.

Included: PDF, 10 Pages

These are a set of worksheets I made for musical theatre and dance history classes. A dozen figures are available from tap, jazz, ballet, modern and musical theatre. These packets were created to be a teaching tool. We had no suitable textbook on high school dance history. The particular packet covers the whole genre. You can also find an overview of tap, jazz, and ballet.

These books are appropriate for high school students and can be read at a level that is easy to comprehend. These packets are ideal for Common Core Close Reading. They are standard-notated and sourced. These packets include questions. They are ideal for small groups and individual work. Once the class is correct, we use key questions to help us in future.

These packets are followed up with videos of artists and reflection questions. The students can then connect the dance style with their figures.

This packet is ideal for creating a new pioneer in any genre. It can also be used to provide subs or group work. Packet includes answer key

This is perfect for me to teach my children dance legends. Also, it works very well as sub lessons. Many thanks!


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