Les Toreadores from Carmen Form Lesson for Elementary Music on Google Slides

Les Toreadores from Carmen Form Lesson for Elementary Music on Google Slides

This can be used by 3rd-5th grade students.

Includes PDF and 16 pages

Make opera more fun. The lesson allows students the opportunity to participate in Carmen’s music–specifically Les Toreadores. Fourth and fifth-grade elementary music lessons include singing, form, comprehension, questions and more. It is ideal for teaching music online via Zoom, distance learning, and being present in person.

You can find the Google Slides Activity hereThe Les Toreadores piece will be taught to students. The students will study the forms, learn how to sing and move as well as analyze different pieces. It’s all there so that students can complete it independently or can be paired up.

This includes:

  • 16 slide lesson
  • Slides about Carmen
  • The lyrics to the chorus are available (along with a link that allows you to listen to it in English).
  • For the lyrics to the chorus, you can use movements
  • Video of the operatic piece
  • Form Introduction
  • Form of Les Toreadores taken from the Carmen suite. Instrumental
  • For each section, there are movements
  • Comparison of the original and the “hip hopera” version. It’s just what it sounds like– Hip Hop and Opera!
  • Slides that students can use to explain what they’ve learned in the lesson

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Enjoy teaching

This is great! This is a great way to showcase our form. These embedded videos keep students’ attention and are both interesting and entertaining. Very interesting, and something I wouldn’t have thought to have taught.


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