Let’s Draw! 10 Kid-Requested Directed Drawings

Let's Draw!  10 Kid-Requested Directed Drawings

It can be used by students who are not of the same grade.

Included: PDF, 92 Pages

Directed drawings are a favorite of my students. This is such an enjoyable and tranquil activity within the classroom. Because they can draw different images, it helps them gain the skills and confidence to try other forms of art. They can be used in a class, as an activity for early finishers, or at a station where they are writing/art. You can adapt them to suit your needs and those of your students.

Drawings: 10

Pictures Directions

Every drawing includes a screen recorded video that shows the motions of each drawing (saved to a.mov).

Writing sheets for every drawing

Drawing sheets included in the step drawings and an area to draw.

6 drawings include animal research. These include a research sheet that includes 3 child-friendly websites. They are given as bit.ly so it is easier to find them.

All 10 drawings in this series were KID-REQUESTEDThis is what we created:

1. Dragon

2. Yeti

3. Pug

4. Mermaid

5. Tiger

6. Otter

7. Narwhal

8. Sloth

9. Hedgehog

10. Gorilla

You can now assign each drawing as a student/class activity with SeeSaw™. The document contains everything needed to upload the drawing or conduct research.

You can see the full preview here!

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These zoom-based directed drawings were a hit with my kids. This was an easy way to have fun and interact with their peers at home.

If anyone was interested, I offered a one-week directed drawing session after the Zoom meeting. A number of kids took part and loved making their creations. They are something I would like to be a part of my personal learning.


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