Let’s Draw Together! 24 Directed Drawings with Writing Pages

Let's Draw Together!  24 Directed Drawings with Writing Pages

Can be used for 1st – 3rd
Mostly used with 1st and 2nd students.

Includes: PDF, 177 pages

My students have always loved directed drawings. It’s a quiet and tranquil activity in the classroom. It gives them the confidence and skills to create other kinds of art. These can be used in a classroom, as an activity for early finishers, or at a station where writing and art are encouraged. So that you and your students can use them, I have included different writing and drawing options.

Each month has 2 drawings, but you can switch them around to use at any time. These are the drawings, as well as the titles of the writing pages that correspond.

Cactus: Our Class in On Point

Unicorn (or horse): It’s Going to Be Magical Year

Scarecrow: Is Your Scarecrow Spooky or Silly?

Squirrel: We’re Nutty About Fall

Bat: This is Bat-Tacular

Monster: Monster Madness

Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving, It’s Turkey Time

Owl: Hoot! Hoot!

Reindeer: Reindeer Round-up

Santa: Dear Santa, Merry Christmas

Walrus: Wacky Walruses

Penguin: Waddling Wonders

Elephant: I Love You a Ton

Panda: Panda-Monium

Leprechaun: Lucky Leprechauns, I Was Lucky When…

Frog: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Chick: Chirp! Chirp! It’s Time for Spring

Rabbit: Hoppy Easter

Pineapple: This Summer Will be Sweet

Flamingo: Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons, Fancy Flamingos

Pirate: Adventure Awaits

Crab: I’m Crabby When, Crafty Crabs

Jellyfish: Swimming into Summer

Watermelon: You’re One in a Melon!

There are also blank writing templates where you can create your own titles and topics to write about 🙂

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Major heart eye emoji! My students LOVE doing directed drawings. They’re great for fun days or before holidays. Your prompts are awesome! I can’t wait for these to be used!

We did a guided drawing of the scarecrow. Next, we will work on the writing piece for it. It was so much fun and easy to follow as a class. These drawings are amazing and I cannot wait to make more.


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