Let’s Move: Pianoforte – Music for Movement Activities

Let's Move: Pianoforte - Music for Movement Activities

It can be used to teach K-2nd-grade students.

Also includes: PDF and N/A

You can use this short piano piece to create a range of movement/musical activities. The piece has distinct dynamics that help students distinguish between soft and loud. Activity suggestion: Let students dance around in the room to the music. The music is…

Amazing piece of music. K.R., thank you for your gift! This dynamic lends itself to suggestingive creativity movement. It reminds me a lot of Scott Joplin.

A piece of music can provide a contrast to my life and allow me to use it to motivate. It is a joy to share contrasting sounds with my young students. This is great for changing themes, such as rainy days and different animals. We appreciate the free download.


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