Life Skills Distance Learning Special Education Grocery Shopping and Recipe Unit

Life Skills Distance Learning Special Education Grocery Shopping and Recipe Unit

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Included: PDF, 18 PagesSee the preview to view examples of this unit.

Special Education Life Skills Grocery Lesson

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I’ve created this unit so that I can teach the students in my Life Skills class how to make a few simple meals independently. They should have at most one meal, one snack, and one recipe for lunch. Our students have a greater chance to be able to follow the instructions and complete these recipes on their own.

Each recipe includes ingredients in the “Newspaper” sections, so that you can also have the students go “shopping” before they cook. It allows them to see what the recipe will cost before they actually make it. This is also helpful if you don’t live near a grocery store, as you can simulate the different sections of a store with the different areas of the ads.

You can be sure that the ingredients in your recipe are included by using pre-made newspapers grocery sections. (Many times I’ve had the students look through regular newspaper ads, only to find very few ingredients they were looking for!). You can give each student their own worksheet (for those students that like to follow the example of someone else).You can find the following:


Page 1: Pre-written IEP goals

Pages 2-7: Newspaper Grocery sections

Pages 8-13: Grocery shopping worksheet pages

Page 14: A Blank Recipe Grocery Page

Pages 15-19, Recipe Section

IEP Goals

Goal 1: STUDENT can find the correct ingredients in a newspaper recipe.

Goal 2: A newspaper article with recipes and prices will give STUDENT the opportunity to determine the costs of making the recipe.

Goal 3. STUDENT can use a weekly newspaper section to create a grocery shopping list with 8 items. They will be able to determine the cost of each item by comparing ___ prices to those that are correct.

4. Goal: STUDENT can correctly follow a recipe given to them.


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Credits The artwork and photos in this unit have been created entirely by me.

It has helped students learn more about their communities.

After we finished the unit, my students enjoyed doing their shopping. It was a wonderful addition to our PBL classroom.


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