Life Skills – Menu Math – Money – GOOGLE – Shopping – Budgets – Bundle

Life Skills - Menu Math - Money - GOOGLE - Shopping - Budgets - Bundle

Can be used for 2nd – 12th students.

Includes: PDF, 68 pages

| Life Skills | Menu Math | Special Education | Google | Money | Reading | Budgets | Shopping | Distance Learning |

Interested in using menus in your class to teach functional math and reading skills? What about integrating technology in the process? If you answered YES to both questions, you have come to the right place!

I have bundled my popular Menu Math series and made it completely DIGITAL! This activity is specifically formatted to be used with Google Drive and is compatible with Google Classroom. Google Drive is an amazing resource that many educators are now using as an interface to support 1:1 digital instruction in the classroom. I pair it up with Google Classroom (a free website) that allows me to digitally send each student in my class a copy of the worksheets that they later submit to me for grading. It is an amazing paper-free process and the kids LOVE working on these worksheets on the computer.

Separately, these units would cost you $20.00. Buy all four for 20% off and pay only $16.00!

Purchase Includes DIGITAL Access To:

Arby’s – Google Edition ($5): Click Here!

Domino’s – Google Edition ($5): Click Here!

Starbucks – Google Edition ($5): Click Here!

Subway – Google Edition ($5): Click Here!

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