Life Skills Menu Math, Reading, and Money Practice – Ultimate Bundle Pack!

Life Skills Menu Math, Reading, and Money Practice - Ultimate Bundle Pack!

It can be used by 2nd through 12th-grade students.

Includes PDF (68 pages)

Life Skills Menu Math and Reading – The Ultimate Bundle Pack

You are interested in using menus to help your students learn functional math and reading skills. This is the place for you!

It is my decision to combine my Menu Math Series. You can save 20% by purchasing all four!Get 20% off your purchase of all 4!

Buy Includes:

Arbys $5: Click here!

Subway (5$): Click here!

Starbucks (5 – $5): Click here!

Dominos ($5): Click here!

Each of these items would be $20 each. This bundle is only $16 You save 20%

Are you interested in DIGITAL Versions for Menu Math?

Arby’s – Google Edition Click here!

Domino’s – Google Edition Click here!

Starbucks – Google Edition Click here!

Subway – Google Edition Click here!

Do You Really Want To Have Them All? Click here!

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You are interested in learning more about other life skills?

Recipe Comprehension:Click here!

Coupons and Reading Emphasis Click here!

Food Directions Click here!

Medicine Labels: Click here!

Receipts Click here!

Tickets Click here!

Hours of operation: Click here!

Safety signs, community signs: Click here!

Dollar up, 1, 5, and 10s Click here!

Menu MathClick here!

How to use a MicrowaveClick here!

Stoves: How to use themClick here!

How to use an oven:Click here!

Image Emphasis, CouponsClick here!

Bus TimetablesClick here!

How to Measure CupsClick here!

BudgetsClick here!


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Any money practice that is based on real-world scenarios I like. It would be great if it was available in PowerPoint and Google Slides for online learning. To allow it to be accessed by my students via Google Classroom, I needed to think creatively.

My Life Skills students can use this opportunity to practice using real-life resources and work towards their reading and math IEP goals.


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