Life Skills – Reading – Cooking – Food Directions – Special Ed – BUNDLE – GOOGLE

Life Skills - Reading - Cooking - Food Directions - Special Ed - BUNDLE - GOOGLE

This can be used to teach 2nd-12th grade, adult education, and homeschooling students.

This includes: PDF (48 pages)• Life Skills

| Life Skills | Reading | Food Prep Directions | Cooking | Special Education | BUNDLE | GOOGLE |

A real-world, practical document that will help your child practice reading is up for sale. Students are often not familiar with reading food instructions, which can be a crucial life skill. Test their skills at food preparation in an enjoyable and educational setting. DIGITAL It’s possible! This scaffolded support was originally intended for special education students. Teachers who wish to include relevant visual learning in their classrooms could still benefit from it.

This activity was specifically designed to work with Google Drive. Google Drive is used by many teachers to provide 1:1 online instruction. Google Classroom is also available for free. This allows me to electronically send my students a copy and they then submit it to me for grade. All students have to do is type in their answers into the boxes. The worksheets are easy and paper-free, and kids enjoy using them.

Do you want the PRINT AND GROW version of this BUNDLE, but aren’t sure? This BUNDLE is available for purchase at Clique Here

Because of popular demand, I decided to combine all three downloads in one order. Each of the three downloaded files would cost $15 each. All three downloads are only $12 each

Buy Includes:

Food Directions, GOOGLE Unit 1. ($5) Click here!

Food Directions, GOOGLE Unit 2, $5: Click here!

Food Directions, GOOGLE Unit 3, $5: Click here!

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