Life Skills Real World Math: Measuring Cups, Recipes, and Cooking. Unit 2

Life Skills Real World Math: Measuring Cups, Recipes, and Cooking. Unit 2

This can be used to help 2nd-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 30 Pages Measuring Cups

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I started this site because I needed to offer more real-world practice in math for students. The perfect solution was to use measuring cups! You will find this packet useful for all levels of learners and something that you can use in your classes. The packet contains a number of worksheets designed to assist students in mastering their functional understanding of measuring cups, spoons and cooking. The worksheets are designed to teach students the basics of cooking and help them become more comfortable in their ability to make meals on their own.

Included in the purchase:

1 sheet, to help students trace measurements on tsp/tbs (visuals attached)

1 sheet for students to practice measuring cups. (visual also included).

A 1 page (with word bank), of complete measurement terms, which asks students for abbreviations.

One sheet of abbreviations (with word bank), which asks students for complete measurement terms.

10 comprehension reading questions designed to test students’ understanding of recipes abbreviations.

1 sheet of tsp/tbsp amounts. Ask students to describe if the measure is made using either a teaspoon or a tablespoon.

Matching tsp or tbsp totals, 3 sheets

1 sheet for measuring cups

Measurement activities: Cut and Paste – Two cut and paste measurements for measuring cups and spoons

Both color and black & white copies are now included with purchase!

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It was a great way to introduce measuring in my Life Skills class. It was a hit with them!

It is an excellent way to help students learn life skills by having them participate in daily activities!


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