Life Skills – Real World Math – Measuring Cups – Recipes – Cooking – BUNDLE

Life Skills - Real World Math - Measuring Cups - Recipes - Cooking - BUNDLE

This can be used to help 2nd-12th grade students.

Included: PDF, 119 Pages Measuring Cups

| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Measuring Spoons | Recipes | Cooking | BUNDLE |

**Recently Updated To Include Even MORE Practice and Task Cards!**

It was time to create a bundle of my favorite measuring cups units. These lessons were created out of necessity in order to provide more real-world math practice for my students. The perfect solution was to use measuring cups and spoons for learning about fractions. This packet is differentiated so that it can be used by all learners.

The cost of each individual download would be $25. Save 20% when you buy this bundle Get this incredible deal for only $20

Buy Includes:

Measurement Cups Unit 1: Click here!

The 2nd Unit of Measuring Cups: Click here!

Measurement Cups Unit 3: Click here!

4. Measuring cups, unit 4 Click here!

Measurement Cups Unit 5 Click here!

Are you interested in other measuring cup units?

Google Digital Activity: Liquid Measuring Cups Click here!

The Boom Cards Digital Activity: Measuring cups – Measurement of Cups Click here!

Google Digital Activity: Click here!

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Because my students were not in Life Skills class, some of the work seemed a little too easy. My students were able to recall the lessons I used. The lesson could be used in a Life Skill class.

This is a wonderful resource that helps me to reinforce the information my kids are studying in Family and Consumer Science. These skills are essential for everyday life. We are grateful!


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