Main Idea and Supporting Details

Main Idea and Supporting Details

It can be used by Homeschool students for grades 2-5.

Includes: PDF, 19 Pages

These nonfiction main idea and supporting details passages are a hit with students! It has never been easier to find the main ideas and supporting details. You can use our main idea graphic organizer. color code Nonfiction passages offer students many opportunities. Practice Recognizing text organizationStudents will be able to identify the main idea more easily if they are able to see how a paragraph is organized.

This resource contains: anchor posters, main ideas graphic organizers that can apply to any text, color coded nonfiction main ideas and supporting details passages which increase in difficulty, as well as answer keys.


Definition Poster

Anchor Chart

“How to Find the Main Idea” Poster


Graphic Organizer

Practice Passages ~ Easy

Practice Passages ~ Harder

Answer Key

*The easy passages ask students to find and restate the topic, main idea, and a detail. Students are required to find and summarize the main idea, a detail and an example of the detail in the harder passages.


You can find the Google Slides version. Click Here.

Because of the popularity of this resource I also created: The Week’s Main IdeaIt’s free! It includes a year of practice passages, not found in any of my other resources.


Common Core

CC.3.RI.2- Determine the main idea and recount the key details to support that idea.

CC.4.RI.2: Identify the main idea and describe how it is supported with key details; summarize the text.

CC.5.RI.8: Describe how an author uses evidence and reasons to support certain points in a text. Identify which evidence and reasons support which point.

CC.6.RI.2: Identify the central idea and convey it through specific details. Provide a summary that is distinct from personal opinions or judgements.


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Analyze the development of two or more central ideas within a text. Provide an objective summary of the text.


Define the main idea of a book and show it through details. Then, provide a summary that is not influenced by personal opinions or judgments.


Summarize the text by identifying the main idea and explaining how it is supported with key details.


Summarize the text by identifying the main idea and explaining how it is supported with key details.


This interactive activity is ready to use and students can complete it on any device. You can use Easel from TpT for free! Learn more.


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