Main Idea Task Cards Worksheet Assessment Reading Comprehension

Main Idea Task Cards Worksheet Assessment Reading Comprehension

This can be used by 1st and 2nd grade students.

Includes: PDF, 21 pages

Reading comprehension is only possible if you understand the main idea. This set of task cards and assessments/worksheets help students learn to identify the main idea of a paragraph.


Each card has a paragraph. Students must read it, then choose the main idea and write down their answers. Includes 20 task cards, recording sheet, answer key. These cards can also be used in literacy centres, Scoot games, review, and many other uses.


Students must read three paragraphs. Then, they should cut/paste the main idea statement. This includes two versions.

These are intended for students in second grade, but they may also be useful for remediation or late first grade.


This resource can be used digitally with Easel. The digital worksheets are made up of moveable pieces. The task cards include answers boxes and have been pre-inserted. These can be used on any device.


You can find the digital version of the task cards (Google Forms), which you can self-check here The Main Idea of a Paragraph: SELF-CHECKING Tasks



Analyze the development of central themes or ideas in a text. Then summarize the supporting details.


Identify the main theme of a multiparagraph text and the focus of individual paragraphs within it.


This resource contains an interactive activity that students can use on any device. You can use Easel from TpT for free! Learn more.


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