Maker Mats for Makerspaces – Google Slides & Seesaw – Distance Learning

Maker Mats for Makerspaces - Google Slides & Seesaw - Distance Learning

Can be used for PreK – 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 39 pages


Maker Mats are simple, creative choice boards that promote divergent thinking and creative expression. These are ideal for a Makerspace, or creative learning area in a classroom or media center. They provide simple-open ended tasks to guide imaginations and are suitable even for the youngest learners.

Maker Mats may also be used as an alternative form of homework for families to

take part in at home.

Students can mark or color in squares as they complete the tasks. You may also require them to complete a specific number of tasks each month.

To make it easier for students to see, you may choose to print out large Maker Mats in poster format.

Includes the following:

p. 3: Maker Mat Instructions and Management

p. 4-6: Makerspace information and suggested supplies

p. 7-16: Monthly Maker Mats

p. 17-19: Blueprint and Planning forms (3 versions)

p. 20: Parent Letter

p. 21-29: Maker App Posters

p. 30-32: Maker Website QR Code Posters

p 33: Credits

****Separate File:

Maker Mat Badges for Student Incentives (Monthly and Yearly)


EDITABLE Parent Letter

EDITABLE App and QR Code Poster

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These are fantastic! These are amazing! I have used them for homework, science class, and even as an activity for my students who are just starting to finish. They’re easy to put together, and they keep my students interested!

These are fantastic! They are great for homework, science, and extra activities. They’re easy to put together, and they keep my students interested!


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