Making Inferences Task Cards and Google Slides Set 2 Reading Strategy

Making Inferences Task Cards and Google Slides Set 2 Reading Strategy

Can be used for 4th – 6th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 24 Task Cards + 2 Google Slides Files

Your students will get plenty of inferencing practice with these 24 Inference Task Cards and Google Slides plus an optional self-checking version is included. Each card/slide includes a short passage that answers a text-dependent query and asks students to explain their reasoning. To find the correct answers, students will need clues from the text.

Print Version Includes:

  • Directions and Suggestions
  • 24 Task Cards – Color
  • 24 Task Cards – Black Line
  • Challenge Card
  • Reference Poster
  • Student Answer Sheets
  • Answer Key

Digital Version Includes:

  • 2 Google Slides Files (Regular & Self-checking)
  • TPT’s Easel Activity

How can you use this resource:

  • Test Prep
  • Small Group
  • Independent Practice
  • Literacy Center or Station
  • Whole Group
  • Game Cards

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Ideal for test prep. Orally use in small groups or as a writing assignment in a literacy center. One card can be used at a time in a class. Students can use notebook paper to answer the questions and then keep track of which cards they have completed using the provided recording sheet. A key to the answer is included. The set also includes an answer key, an inference poster, and a cover/label cards. A challenge card can also be included that can be used in conjunction with any other card in this set to extend the activity.

To extend the activity, there is a Challenge Card that can also be used with any card. These task cards are great for test prep. They can be used at stations and literacy centers as well as with partner work or in a class using Scoot.

This includes blackline versions that can be printed on colored paper.

What teachers have said about this resource:

♥ I have used this now in person and remotely. This was a station activity that I did with a partner. It was a great combination of skill, discussion, movement and communication. Remotely, I presented these slides to students and they responded via discussion and chat. Excellent examples and great discussion starters. -Johanna O.

♥These cards were great for practicing the skill of inferencing with short passages. The cards were printed and laminated, which opened up many possibilities for playing with them. – Amanda P.

♥I use these for my speech sessions often. Rachel’s task cards are amazing. These cards are great for students who need to target abstract reasoning and inferencing. These are short paragraphs that only focus on the essentials to achieve this goal. Highly recommended – Maria R.

Common Core Standards addressed in this set:

These cards are correlated with the following Common Core Standard for grades 4,5, and 6.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.1 Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

More Inference:

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Beginning Inference

About the Author

These passages were written by me, Rachel Lynette. Over 120 nonfiction books on children’s topics have been published. I also wrote several teacher resource books. I have written for publishers such as Harcourt, Thompson-Gale, Rosen, Children’s Press, Evan-Moor, Kagan, and several others. These passages represent more than a decade worth of professional writing experience.

Terms of Use

This resource was created by Rachel Lynette for Minds in Bloom INC., all rights reserved. The original purchaser may only use it for a single class. This product may be distributed to students and parents via email, google classroom, or the Internet if the site is password protected. This means that you can distribute the product to your students but it cannot be posted on the Internet, where it could be downloaded and found by others. You can purchase additional licenses at TpT if you wish to share the resource with your colleagues. These terms and conditions are appreciated. 🙂

This product is happily brought to you by Rachel Lynette and Cassi Noack of Minds in Bloom



Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.


Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.


Includes Google Apps™ The Teacher-Author indicated this resource includes assets from Google Workspace (e.g. docs, slides, etc.). Easel Activity Included This resource includes a ready-to-use interactive activity students can complete on any device. The Easel app by TpT can be downloaded for free. Find out more.

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