Making Pizza: Sequencing Craft (Distance Learning)

Making Pizza: Sequencing Craft (Distance Learning)

Can be used for PreK – 1st, Homeschool
Mostly used with 1st students.

Includes: PDF, 38 pages


Sequencing is a skill that may be learned as early as preschool. This paper craft is fun and easy to do. It also includes lesson plans, organizing steps, and writing activities. Take your students through the differentiated steps of making a basic cheese pizza, or go further to create a pepperoni or combination pizza. This craft-ivity comes with worksheets. It can be used for teaching or practicing the skills to follow directions and sequence.


  • Lesson Plans
  • Writing Assessment with Rubric
  • A craft-ivity in which students can create their own paper pizza.
  • Students will be engaged in the cutting, pasting and ordering of pizza making steps. There are 3 different levels for differentiation; four basic steps, five steps, and then the steps for creating their own personal pizza.
  • You’ll find pages with images of the pizza and pages with a circle for students to draw the pizza. Use those pages based on your students’ needs.
  • Three pages where students can write sentences explaining the steps involved in making a pizza.
  • There are four basic steps to making a pizza.
  • Sentence strips to order.
  • A Differentiated Flip-Flap book to demonstrate understanding of the steps.
  • Ordinal Number Cards
  • 2 Types of Assessments

How much more fun might it be if you followed this with making a real pizza with your students?

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