Martin Luther King Jr Activities

Martin Luther King Jr Activities

Can be used for 2nd – 3rd students.

Includes: PDF, 21 pages

Looking for EASY ways to CELEBRATE Martin Luther King Jr? Check out why this unit is my BEST SELLER!!! Inside this Martin Luther King Jr Activities unit, you’ll find an excellent way to incorporate Text Features!! There are many activities, printables, and project ideas.

Pages are made to use alone, easily implemented for distant learning, in the classroom or in an Interactive Notebook!

Excellent to use the second and third weeks in January, leading up to MLK Day AND for BLACK HISTORY MONTH in FEBRUARY!!!!


Identifying Text Features RI.2.5 **MOST POPULAR**

  • Making a Timeline RI.2.3
  • Identifying facts for Graphic Organizer RI.2.1
  • Cause and Effect RL.2.1 RI.3.3
  • Timeline activity book and timeline bulletin board

This unit aligns with most Martin Luther King Jr. read alouds.


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Martin Luther King Jr. Unit LARGER UNIT including Research Pennants

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COMBO pack – Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt $8

Cesar Chavez $5

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This is a great unit for the standard

SS2H1 The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in Georgia history.

a. Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: Jackie Robinson (sports); Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights); Jimmy Carter (leadership and human rights).

b. Describe how the everyday life of these historical figures is similar to and different from everyday life in the present (food, clothing, homes, transportation, communication, recreation, rights, and freedoms).

Key Words: MLK, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Martin Luther King Day, Martin’s Big Words, I Have a Dream, Black History Month, Martin Luther King Jr., MLK Jr., MLK, Black History, Black History Month, Civil Rights, Civil Rights Movement, I Have a Dream, Social Studies



Describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas or concepts, or steps in technical procedures in a text, using language that pertains to time, sequence, and cause/effect.


Know and use various text features (e.g., captions, bold print, subheadings, glossaries, indexes, electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text efficiently.


Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.


Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

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