Martin Luther King Jr. Directed Drawing

Martin Luther King Jr. Directed Drawing

Can be used for K – 2nd
Mostly used with Kindergarten students.

Includes: PDF, 7 pages

Directed Drawing is a great way to engage students and cover art standards at the same time! Use them to enhance your thematic units or close reads! Teachers can lead their class in a whole group style drawing lesson, or leave the page in a writing/drawing station for independent use. By reques…

Directed drawings are a favorite in my classroom. They can be used for both in person and virtual students. This was a perfect activity to end our MLK Jr. unit.

These were so cute. I love all of the directed drawing activities that First and Kinder Blue Skies produces. They are easy to follow for kindergarten students and I find that all students of all abilities to well with them. They are always proud of their drawings.


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