Marvelous Maypole! How to build & dance (+animations), lessons plans, & more!

Marvelous Maypole!  How to build & dance (+animations), lessons plans, & more!

This can be used by K-8th grade students.

Includes PDF and 81 pages

Do you dream of maypole dancing in your classroom? Have you ever wondered why anyone does maypole dance? You need not look further. The Marvelous Maypole is waiting for you! This choreography is great for getting kids involved in May Day choreography. These activities are also very popular with the children on field day.

This unit is all about maypole dance! You will be able to create a lesson with PowerPoints and dance animations, as well as a PowerPoint that accompanies it. You need something different for field days? This is a wonderful event for groups! Teachers at my school were interested in performing the dances.

You will find the following information in this resource:

  • How to build your very own diy maypole It can be built in just a few hours!
  • These lesson plans include information about maypole dancing and the history behind May Day. They also provide tips for teaching the steps. Basic Circle, Concentric Circles, Basic Weave Gypsy’s tent, Barber’s Pole, Spider Web and Jacob’s Ladder.
  • PowerPoint that engages students to teach about maypole history. Also includes animated slides showing the dance steps.
  • You can refer to the quick reference sheet below with illustrations for teaching dances.

For a more detailed look, download the Preview file!For more information, click here

These topics are covered in the lesson plan (ready to print) and associated presentations:

  • You will find all the information and materials needed to build a Maypole.
  • Here are some tips for teaching dance sequences.
  • Incredible video clips (safeshare link) that show people dancing the various dances covered by this resource.
  • What’s a Maypole?
  • The history and evolution of the maypole around the globe (Sweden. Great Britain. Germany. USA).
  • These animations show 6 maypole dances, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. Slides are included to break down each step and show how it would end up in the final dance. You can download the animation preview – it’s free! Also included are the written instructions for each dance!


These lesson plans are editable and detailed. They were created for general use in the music room. However, they can easily be modified to fit the needs of the general education or dance room by simply changing the standards. The Georgia GPS music standards have been marked. You can copy the National Music Standards or Common Core Arts Standards to swap them out.

UPDATE Jacob’s Ladder was also added to the lesson plan. Some videos were deleted from Youtube were swapped.


This lesson plan can be used only by one teacher. Multiple licenses are available if the lesson plans will be used at your grade level.


This resource used to be known as Maypole Mania.

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Do you like this product? Also, you will love these:

Take a look at some of my top sellers


My other shop, Pitch Clips has clip art, digital paper, and other graphics materials.


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This is a wonderful way to display maypole movements. Maypoles have been an integral part of my school’s tradition for many years. The students can use this resource to help them understand the movements.

These videos were great! Many thanks!


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