Measuring in the Kitchen Powerpoint for FCS Culinary Arts

Measuring in the Kitchen Powerpoint for FCS Culinary Arts

This can be used to teach Adult Education 9th-12th graders.

Includes PDF and 19 pages

The 19-slide powerpoint shows how to measure in the kitchen. This powerpoint is intended to be used in the family and consumer science culinary art class, or food course.

The powerpoint addresses the following:

Measurement by weight

Measurement by volume

How to measure dry ingredients

How to measure liquid ingredients

How to measure solid fats

Here’s an example on how to change recipe yields

The powerpoint can also be used as a lesson in classflow! The classflow lesson includes a starting activity, 2 polls, an exercise, and an assignment. The assignment includes an experiment on weight and volume measurement. You will find the link and information about the activities in the document. The assignment also includes directions for teacher and student participation in the experiment question portion.

Also included in the package is a digital worksheet that can be used through Google forms. It includes conversions and measurement abbreviations.

NEW: The student measurement activity is now available without the use of classflow. It has now been added as a google slide worksheet/experiment!

Great lesson on measuring

This was a great resource for students. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. Excellent information in a well-structured instructional format. It was also useful for my juniors.


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