Middle and High School Art Lesson-Art History

Middle and High School Art Lesson-Art History

This can be used by Homeschool students for grades 5-12.

Included: PDF, 45 Pages

Art History for Middle School and High Schools

Bundle-3 Art Lessons That Focus on Art History These lessons are great for high school, but can be easily adapted to be used in middle school art classes.

Art History can be an enjoyable hobby!

This resource has amazing lessons for kids learning art history.

Students will benefit from this resource’s combination of creativity and research.

The art history/artmaking/art lesson bundle contains 3 fun and creative art history lessons.

Lesson 1:

Artist Research Project: High School Art Lesson. Examples, Assessment, and WorksheetsFor middle school and high school students in art, make studying and researching artists exciting!

This project is great for Middle School and High School art, language, or history classes that focus on the artistic achievements of great artists.

Middle and high school students will design and research an artist research poster that provides a glimpse into the life and artwork of the chosen artist.

Here are some potential uses

Art class- An excellent way to incorporate art history and visual arts making

Learn a foreign language – Have students create art posters or have them translate into another language.

Art History: Use an artist for historical information that has impacted their art

Lesson 2:

Art History-Art Period Research Poster

What can be done to teach Art History, and other periods of Art History in an engaging and creative way? This project is Art History-Art Period Research Poster

The project will require students to research, design and make a research poster that provides a visual snapshot of the art, style, times, artists, artistic accomplishments, and period.

It is useful for:

1. Visual Arts Class: Use it to have fun with art history instruction

2. 1.Art History – Get a break form your research papers, and get creative

3. Art in History Classes – Learn about time periods and cultures using art

4. Teaching about culture in a foreign language? Let your students complete the task in another language.

Lesson 3:

Art History-Illustrated Word Art Lesson

Art History Research, Art History History and Art History In Art Making. It covers it all!This lesson has it ALL!

Use the packet’s handout to research and then create an illustrated graphic using art of their choice.

This is an excellent art lesson that can be used in middle or high school. It combines art history with art making.

This lesson contains the following:

• PowerPoint with examples from art history for inspiration(18


• Art History – Illustrated Word Lesson Plan (page 2-3)

Page 4 – Overview / Directions handout

• Student examples (page 5)

• Student Research Sheet (page 6)

• Student Self Review/Reflection Sheet (page 7)

• National Core Visual Arts Standards (page 8)

Uses possible:

Visual Art Class: Create great design projects that integrate Art History and challenge your students.

History Teachers – Great choice for teaching projects on specific time periods and cultures with an accent on Art History

Art History Class: A fresh approach to research

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Artist Research Poster Project

Art Period Poster Project

Art History Illustrated Word

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